Look to the Future with Excitement
Your financial future may be secured through debt management, savings goals, and proper life insurance coverage. Regardless of what challenges your unique situation faces, a licensed OPES Financial Solutions member can help by sharing common sense financial concepts. A licensed member can help you create obtainable solutions that can be measured and monitored for success. Licensed members promote financial literacy to our clients and offer products and solutions that fit that client’s needs. Don’t wait for tomorrow, take action toward your financial well-being today.  Procrastination can be one of the greatest limiting factors in achieving any financial goal.
Each family’s circumstance is unique. This is why your licensed OPES Financial Solutions member offers a wide array of financial products and services to meet your specific needs.
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401(k) Plan

A defined contribution plan where an employee can make contributions from his or her paycheck either before or after-tax, depending on the options offered in the plan. The contributions go into a 401(k) account, with the employee often choosing the investments based on options provided under the plan. In some plans, the employer also makes contributions such as matching the employee’s contributions up to a certain percentage. SIMPLE and safe harbor 401(k) plans have mandatory employer contributions.

For more information please see: www.irs.gov/Retirement-Plans/Plan-Participant,-Employee/Definitions


A retirement plan offered by public schools and certain tax-exempt organizations. An individual’s 403(b) annuity can be obtained only under an employer’s TSA plan. Generally, these annuities are funded by elective deferrals made under salary reduction agreements and nonelective employer contributions.

For more information please see: www.irs.gov/Retirement-Plans/Plan-Participant,-Employee/Definitions


Plans of deferred compensation described in IRC section 457 are available for certain state and local governments and non-governmental entities tax exempt under IRC 501. They can be either eligible plans under IRC 457(b) or ineligible plans under IRC 457(f). Plans eligible under 457(b) allow employees of sponsoring organizations to defer income taxation on retirement savings into future years. Ineligible plans may trigger different tax treatment under IRC 457(f).

Employers or employees through salary reductions contribute up to the IRC 402(g) limit ($18,000 in 2015) on behalf of participants under the plan.

For more information please see: www.irs.gov/Retirement-Plans/IRC-457%28b%29-Deferred-Compensation-Plans

Roth IRA

A Roth IRA is an IRA that, except as explained below, is subject to the rules that apply to a traditional IRA.

• The account or annuity must be designated as a Roth IRA when it is set up.
• You can make contributions to your Roth IRA after you reach age 70 ½.
• You cannot deduct contributions to a Roth IRA.
• You can leave amounts in your Roth IRA as long as you live.
• If you satisfy the requirements, qualified distributions are tax-free.

For more information please see: www.irs.gov/Retirement-Plans/Roth-IRAs

Traditional IRA

An individual account or annuity set up with a financial institution. Under federal law, individuals may set aside personal savings up to a certain amount, and the investments grow, tax deferred. In addition, participants can transfer money from an employer retirement plan to an IRA when leaving an employer. IRAs also can be part of an employer plan.

For more information please see: www.irs.gov/Retirement-Plans/Plan-Participant,-Employee/Definitions

Business Solutions

In order to increase employee retention, attract top talent, and take advantage of lucrative tax advantages, business owners execute qualified employee benefits.

• Retirement Plan Solutions
– 403(b) Plans
– Group 401(k) Plans
– 457 Plans
– SEPs and Simple IRAs
• Executive Compensation Programs
– Deferred Compensation
– Key Person Insurance
– Split Dollar
• Business Continuation Programs
– Business Continuation Strategies
– Buy-Sell Agreements

Often complex, qualified business solutions should be carefully discussed with your licensed OPES Financial Solutions associate as well as you CPA and legal counsel.

College Savings

The longer the time horizon before college, the better, so begin your saving strategy today. Compounding interest over time is powerful and the longer your college savings account can grow, the more likely you will be to offset your child’s tuition, fees, books, and living expenses.

Whether you are a parent or a grandparent, a licensed OPES Financial Solutions member can help you structure a college savings strategy. Contact your licensed OPES Financial Solutions member today and see if we have a strategy that is right for you!

Life Insurance

Because all families have differing needs and wants, your licensed OPES Financial Solutions member can help you determine the right type and amount of life insurance that fits your specific situation. Whether it is term or permanent, through our state of the art financial needs analysis software, your licensed OPES member can help your family make the right choice for you.

Needs Assessment

There’s no better time than now to prepare for the future. We’ve all heard the old cliché: “people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.” Your licensed OPES Financial Solutions member will use state of the art financial needs analysis software to help you prepare for your financial future.
In order to face financial challenges head on, you must first understand them.

College Expenses

Tuition, room and board, books, and fees have all been on the rise, will your financial preparation allow you to shoulder that type of inflation? According to the 2013 College Board Trends in Pricing report, in the United States, an in-state public college education for the 2013–14 academic year cost an average of $22,826; while the expense of private college cost an average of $44,750. It is unlikely that college costs will decrease which is why OPES members encourage parents to begin saving for their child’s future, today. Juggling retirement saving along with college saving can be a challenge but our licensed associates are ready to help.

Credit Cards and Savings

High credit card balances are no longer the exception but rather the norm for many American families. A major threat to any financial plan is having a serious emergency occur without the ability to pay for it. In a 2014 BankRate.com survey, 28 percent of Americans say they have more credit card debt than emergency savings; and some 17 percent report having neither emergency savings nor credit card debt; while 4 percent say they don’t know or refuse to answer. As debt balances run high and emergency savings run low, Americans’ financial wellbeing is increasingly threatened by the next unexpected expense. Licensed OPES members can help your family take an honest look at consumer debt, set realistic payment goals that may maximize the ability of your dollars to pay down your debt, and encourage more favorable savings habits.


Your spending power continually decreases as time moves on. If you consider how much a postage stamp cost ten years ago versus today, you will understand how inflation impacts costs of living. Have you considered what impact this type of erosion will have on your retirement savings? Families preparing for retirement successfully prepare for this type of attrition. Your licensed OPES Financial Solutions member is here to help families find real solutions.

Savings for Retirement

Do you have a solid understanding of how much money you will need to retire comfortably? Most Americans do not, which is why your licensed OPES member can offer financial solutions to meet a broad range of needs. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s 2014 Retirement Confidence Survey, six in 10 workers report they and/or their spouse have less than $25,000 in total savings and investments (excluding their home and defined benefit plans), including 36 percent who have less than $1,000. Retirement has a new definition by today’s standards as people are living far longer than previous generations thanks to medical advances. As defined benefit plans and pensions become a thing of the past for many, more and more workers are responsible for their own retirement savings. Let your licensed OPES member help you discover some solutions that can help get you where you would like to be as retirement approaches.

Social Security

Americans may not be able to rely on Social Security. The 2013 annual Social Security report estimates that the program’s trust fund is projected to run out after 2035. With personal savings at such a low rate and pension plans becoming rarer, many workers assume the current Social Security system will be their retirement income, but should they count on it?

Sudden Death

Who depends on your income and assets to live? If you suddenly pass away without appropriate planning your family’s standard of living may suffer. Beyond final expenses like medical bills and a funeral, how will the ones you leave behind pay for day-to-day living expenses, college planning, or retirement? The right type and the right amount of life insurance can be the key to maintaining your family’s lifestyle and ensuring your family’s prosperous future.
One of the first steps in any successful financial checkup is to establish your current financial health. Through their complementary and comprehensive Financial Needs Analysis, your licensed OPES member can measure your current financial well-being and help put you on the path to financial freedom.

Family Protection

In the event of your unexpected death, would your family’s standard of living go on the same or suffer? Life insurance can be the corner stone to any sound financial strategy as it not only replaces assets but also allows survivors to replace badly needed income. The basic rule of life insurance face values is to take out a policy at least ten times your current annual salary. As an example, if you earn $100,000 it may be prudent to carry at least one million dollars in life insurance.

Contact a licensed OPES Financial Solutions member today and discuss your life insurance options.

Cash Flow

A successful financial strategy depends on saving a proper amount of discretionary income to maximize future returns. Analyzing current cash flows is one of the most important elements when reducing debt and increasing savings. We examine the following approaches when analyzing client cash flows:

• Earn higher interest rates
• Turn negative cash flows into positive cash flows
• Increase insurance deductibles
• Add new income sources
• Establish a Monthly Expense Budget

Don’t feel like you are alone in your decision making, discuss your unique situation with a licensed OPES Financial Solutions member.

Debt Management

We can help you structure a debt management plan by:

• Take advantage of credit card transfer offers and promotional interest rate specials.
• Employ the snowball method to pay off credit cards.
• Paying more than the minimum debt payments as your budget allows
• Request a lower rate from your credit card company.

There are many ways to manage debt in your daily life, a licensed OPES Financial Solutions member would love to uncover strategies that work for you.

Wealth Building

It is essential for families not to gamble with savings that they will need to fund the necessities of life during retirement. Countless Families face many variables with their long term savings programs. As a result they cannot be certain that they will have sufficient enough money to pay for the necessities of life during retirement.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your current plan could use a checkup:

• How much monthly income will I need to continue my standard of living during retirement?
• What are my leisure plans during retirement?
• Does longevity run in my family?
• Will I travel or spend money outside of current monthly bills and expenses?

Beginning to build guaranteed cash flow strategies for retirement as early as possible is a key component to a successful financial strategy. Consulting with a licensed OPES Financial Solutions member can be the first step to getting started.

Emergency Fund

There is unfortunately no crystal ball in life that can help you predict unexpected expenses. Being prepared with three to six months’ worth of living expenses can protect you and your family from unnecessary financial strain. Unemployment and health issues do not have to paralyze your financial plan. Consider some of the following common large purchases and ask yourself if your current financial situation could handle them.

• Job Loss
• House Repairs
• Caring for ill loved ones
• Appliance Replacement
• Serious Illness or Short-term Disability
• Car Repairs

Helping families find a way to have a pool of funds set aside for unseen expenses is one way your licensed OPES Financial Solutions member can help families achieve their life’s goals.

Wealth Preservation

Effective estate planning can minimizes unwanted taxes and efficiently move assets to the next generation. Here are just a few ways a licensed OPES Financial Solutions member can work with your legal consultant and tax advisor to ensure your legacy transfers the way you intended:

• Proper Use of Annuity Beneficiary Designations
• Manage Estate Tax Liabilities
• Execution of Necessary Legal Directives
• Avoid Probate Expenses

Please consult with your CPA, attorney, or legal consultant on your specific estate planning needs.